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6 speed swap on the Olympic Blue allroad

October 10, 2014 / 0 Comments / 2453 / AZEUROS

We have had this beautiful Olympic Blue allroad hanging around the shop since October 2013. We have put a few miles on it and enjoyed it a little bit, but have had the desire to swap the car to a 6 speed transmission. Finding the time to do it is always the issue, when customers’ cars will always come first, but we have officially started the project, and will dedicate most of the coming week to complete the swap.

The Audi enthusiast will know and confirm, that this allroad is 1 of 10 vehicles offered in this color. After speaking with the allroad enthusiasts, we realized that many of the 10 original Olympic Blue allroads have been swapped to 6 speed manual transmissions. Originally, all 10 were offered at automatic tip-tronic. We are told that 3 have already received the swap, and 2 (including ours) are in the process. It seems that Audi should have made the Olympic Blue allroads as 6 speed manual transmissions from the start.

We found a worthy donor car. Almost too nice of a donor car, but we will convert the A6 to a tip-tronic transmission, and when all is said and done, we’ll have a nice Audi A6 available in automatic.

Stay tuned for many pics to come. Here are a few teaser pics of how they look at the starting line.

More progress has been made on the 6 speed swap. As of 10/20/14, here is how she sits.

One last picture of her as an Automatic Tiptronic transmission:

A few more pics of the cars before they get torn apart (for the better) :

Engine and transmission out:

The project is in the final stages; just wrapping up the minor details, and this thing will be rolling soon. Here are some updated pics of the work completed this past week.

We have had quite a few inquiries about the allroad. We have owned the car for well over a year now, and we have decided that we are going to put it on the market and offer it for sale, as a 6MT car. We have a folder full of maintenance history for the allroad. There is more info on it in our SHOWROOM for those who may be interested. This car has been well loved and well maintained, and it’s overall condition shows. It is a very clean allroad. As soon as it is 100% complete, we’ll have detailed pictures of the allroad. We will have it for sale for $13k with the stock allroad wheels, or $14k with the 18″ BBS VZ wheels.

Enjoy the pics!

The allroad swap has now been completed. The vehicle was offered for sale, and did not last long on the market. A new lucky owner is having the vehicle picked up, and it will be enjoying the east coast, out in Maryland. We know the car is in good hands, and will have great company in it’s new garage.


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