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Sprint Blue Allroad

September 8, 2015 / 0 Comments / 1099 / AZEUROS

You may remember a similar post from last year; but we are excited to share that we have come across another Sprint Blue Allroad, also known as the Olympic Blue Allroad.

Audi only offered 10 Sprint Blue Allroads for sale. They have a unique history, ranging back to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. There is a lot of info out there to explain more about them, but AZ Euros is proud to own a 2nd one of the 10 produced.

The Allroad is a unique vehicle that many Audi lovers either love, or could do without. Those who love this Avant, are usually the same type of enthusiasts who can enjoy this car with a 6 speed manual transmission. The only problem is that Audi only offered these 10 allroads with the Automatic TipTronic transmissions. With the help of the allroad gurus, we have been told that at least half of the original 10 have been swapped to a 6 speed manual transmission, including the one that we swapped in 2014. These allroads seem to stick with their owners for quite some time with their known rarity, and rarely switch hands. Well, here may be a rare chance for you to snag this historic allroad if you have been looking.

We received this allroad with an intermittent torque converter fault (quite common on these Automatic TipTronic transmissions) so we have decided that this allroad is receiving a 6 speed manual transmission at this time. The parts were already sitting at the shop, waiting for the next car that needed the parts, so we have immediately started to get this swap completed on this allroad, and the car is available to anyone who wants it. As of October 8, 2015, the car is available, despite the many phone calls and emails that we have received on it. We did put the word out to the Allroad following, and we don’t expect it to hang around very long. If interested, please feel free to contact AZ Euros, and we’d love to talk more about it.

A quick update on the progress. We spent a week out of the shop this last month, and we are back at it. The 6 speed tranny is in, along with the 3 pedal set, and we are getting this back together. Before too long, it will be shifting gears.

Oct 15, 2015 UPDATE: The allroad is officially completed, and 100% ready for sale. See SHOWROOM link for pricing.

Here is a list of work that has been completed by us, as we have done the swap.

Full 01E (late style) swap with all OEM parts from 02 A6 Including matching rear diff, driveshaft (inspected center support bearing, OK).
Pedal set w/ switches, Cruise control wired and operating properly
Reverse lights operating properly, ECU flashed with Stock APB Manual transmission software, ABS module coded correctly.
Instrument cluster coded correctly w/ 100% working Center display screen, TCU removed from Can Bus and connector properly stowed.
01E was freshly rebuilt by Audis4Parts in Tucson, Az. An updated 1-2 shift collar was installed at time of service.
Fresh 75w-90 Full synthetic gear oil was filled after trans service.
OEM Clutch, Flywheel, Pressure plate with 55k miles was inspected and installed.
NEW OEM Throwout bearing.
NEW OEM Pilot bearing.
Valve cover gaskets replaced.
Coolant expansion tank replaced.
Entire front Control-Arm kit replaced (not just bushings, all the ACTUAL arms were replaced including new Ball joints).
RF Arnott (lifetime warranty) Air Strut installed.
Air suspension is leak free and working properly.
Brakes were all inspected and approx 60-70% pad life left, no shimmy or vibration felt during braking.
Full Brake fluid and clutch fluid flushed with Fresh DOT 4.
Engine mounts, timing belt, water pump, and cam seals inspected, and found to be in good shape and not needing replacement.

No faults in ECU, ABS.
No dash lights.
No leaks.

At the time the pics were taken, the milage reads exactly 122k. We will put a few miles on it and enjoy it, until we take a deposit on the car. The car has all functioning power seats, power windows, moonroof. Hotchkis front and rear sway bars. We decided to leave the stock steering wheel in the car, even though it still has the TipTronic shift buttons. The reason for this is that we feel the steering wheel controls are still efficient and functioning with the stock head unit. If the new owner wants to change out the wheel and/or head unit, we’ll leave that up to them. We have 1 switchblade remote key for the car. Seats and interior are in great condition. The rear seat cup holders function, along with the rear heated seats. The cup holder that folds out by the e-brake handle, does not lock down in its position, but what would an Audi be without at least 1 broken cup holder? (Sorry, lame Audi humor)

Wheels are Ronal wheels with Nitto Motivo tires in size 245/45/18. Tires are near new and in great condition. Rear cargo mat, rear cargo cover, floor mats, spare tire, tint. Exterior paint is in good shape for a 13 year old car. The front end does show some chips in the paint. A few minor dings which could be removed by paintless dent repair.

VIN WA1YD64B52N073399 and there is a link to the Carfax report under the SHOWROOM tab.

Very excited to offer another Sprint Blue allroad with a 6MT to the Audi Enthusiast crowd. We now have 2 of the 10 swaps completed in our shop, and hope that the new owner has many years of proud ownership. Please feel free to contact us with any interest or questions.

Enjoy the pics!


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