2019 VW Golf R Spektrum

2019 VW Golf R Spektrum

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Yes, this Golf R has 108 miles on it! Very unusual opportunity where you can buy a Spektrum colored Golf R that is basically new.

2019 Golf R 2.0T with DCC and Navigation.

Many buyers were not aware of the Spektrum program offered by VW, or missed the boat because of the poor program roll-out provided by VW and its Dealers. Many buyers who tried to pre-order, and even put deposits with the VW Dealerships didn’t even get their opportunity to buy a Spektrum color Golf R. The Spektrum program offered 40 color options that one could choose from, and it was capped at 250 units allocated to the US.

It is said that there are 19 Cliff Green Golf R’s. This vehicle came available and has only 108 miles on it, and we, at AZ Euros, had to have it. We have ordered a fitted car cover, and it has received a full professional detail, and this car now sit in our collection on a 4 post lift. We will not be driving this car, but will be collecting it for ourselves, but will consider selling it if there is a buyer out there who really wanted one, and didn’t get the chance to own one.

Optioned with the 6 speed manual transmission, Monster Mats for Golf R (4) and Heavy Duty Trunk Liner with VW/ CarGo Blocks, Gloss Black Alloy Wheels Package, Luggage net for Cargo area. Color is Cliff Green with Titan Black leather interior.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your Spektrum Golf R.


Included Taxes & Checkup


Golf R
108 mi
Cliff Green
2 L
All Wheel Drive


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