2003 Audi RS6 Avant

2003 Audi RS6 Avant

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Silver RS6 Avant with Recaro Black leather bolsters, with black alcantara inserts. This Avant has been imported and federalized and conforms to all US DOT and EPA regulations, and comes with an Arizona title in our name.

Factory options include Front and Rear heated seats, Bose Sound system with Audi Navigation system in Japanese. This headunit is not functional in the US, but feel it is period correct to the car, and will leave the audio upgrades to the new owner. Alcantara headliner. Rear bench mount cup holders. Manual rear sunshades on the rear doors, and rear hatch. Front and rear parking sensors with On/Off button on dash. Piano Black interior belt line trim. The suspension is sitting on an aftermarket Aragosta coilover suspension.

Recent maintenance in the last few weeks:

When we received this RS6, it was in great running order minus 1 CEL for a vacuum leak and intermittent hard brake pedal.  After smoke testing the system we determined a vacuum leak was coming from under the intake manifold. We removed the intake manifold to access a vacuum leak which was effecting the braking system. The “suction jet” had failed, causing a lack of vacuum to the brake booster, a massive vacuum leak and causing a hard brake pedal, along with a CEL. We also replaced a few check valves under the manifold that appeared to be brittle.

While we were in there, we replaced the intake manifold gaskets and injector o-rings. Valve cover gaskets and new spark plugs were also installed.  An inspection of the timing belt found the belt to be in very good condition. Once in perfect running order we tackled some suspension concerns. The right front wheel bearing was noisy, so it was replaced. New left front axle due to a failed inner cv joint.  Some lateral play was found in the RF inner tie rod so we took this opportunity to replace the Inner tie rods, outer tie rods and tie rod boots on both sides. Front brakes were also serviced using all brand new OE pads, rotors and pad wear sensors. 4 Brand new Pirelli tires were mounted and balanced, and then a 4 Wheel laser alignment was performed using our in house Hunter Hawk Eye laser alignment machine.

We have spent a good amount of time and money to be able to offer such a vehicle to the US market, and are excited to do so. Interested parties are invited to contact us at Sales@azeuros.com, or 602-606-7416.



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RS6 Avant
87,300 mi
4.2 L
Quattro AWD


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