2013 Audi S4

2013 Audi S4

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B8.5 S4 with a lot of upgrades! We’ve been servicing this S4 for the past 4 years for a local customer (service records from our shop dating back to 01/2016). It was time to trade in and get a new vehicle, and we happily took the vehicle on trade.

Ibis White exterior with full black leather interior. Carbon Fiber interior trim.  Sport Rear Diff.

Upgrades include Stage 2 APR Software 91 Octane. Stage 2 Supercharger Pulley, Stage 2 APR Carbonio Intake. Stage 2 Carbonio Rear Back Pipe. APR S Tronic TCU tune. APR Supercharger Belt and Crank Pulley. 034 Motorsport Street Density Motor Mount. 034 Motorsport Street Density Upper Control Arms. H&R Coilovers (street performance). TSW Brathurst 20×10 Gloss Gunmetal, with ECS flush spacer kit. Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust with Quad Tips. 034 read adjustable sway bar and end links.

Carfax Report, showing AZ Euros has been servicing the car multiple times over the years. We have even more records than showing on Carfax, from our service department, along with previous owners maintenance records. Common water pump issue, done at 74k miles. Preventative maintenance and services, along with upgrades that all enthusiast can appreciate.

Please call for an appointment to see the vehicle. Showing all vehicles by appointment only at this time.


Included Taxes & Checkup


81,750 mi
Ibis White
3 L
Quattro AWD


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